director’s statement

I was writing a book – my first novel – and was exploring the sentiments and eroticism of my main character, Tara. A chance intimate, sexual encounter between Tara and a sensual stranger became the creative catalyst for this film. The novel was semi-autobiographical, and I as entered pre-production, I fell deeply in love and lust with a queer feminist activist. My motivation for creating and directing In Passing has been mainly artistic and aesthetic. I had become tired, bored, frustrated by the lack of lesbian erotic art – especially in the highly homophobic environment in my country. My lover’s motivations for co-starring in the film were mainly political: she was tired of the heteronormative portrayal of lesbian erotic eye-candy (her words!). My vision was to create a beautiful, erotic visual experience that communicated curiosity, impulsivity, flirtation and sensuality. In Passing has become a statement that is both erotic art for the sake of eroticism, but also lesbian erotic art related to the politics of queer feminism. I’m happy with the result.

-Ana Kala, 2014

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