international premiere – 2015 malmö

Hej, friends! Last weekend Ana and I trekked to sunny Malmö, the lesser known Swedish hotspot for queer erotic film fun. In Passing was welcomed for our international debut at the Malmö Queer Film Festival on 12 April 2015.

As part of the short film Sunday matinee, our lesbian erotic medley was preceded by Jellyfish, a short film about a young queer (curious?) fisherwoman in Cambodia who falls for a city girl passing through. Sad, unrequited, and the object of fisherwoman’s love is apparently “straight”. Damn.

Malmo w JayI think there was an appropriate amount of silence, sighs and tittering during our screening. We are, after all, naked during the second half of the film. After the Q&A where Ana and festival director Jay rocked, Ana and I were approached by a few locals who want to further explore our (and their own) take on lesbian erotic art. Ideas were floated to create sequels, write more erotic short stories, question lesbian/feminist/women’s sexual agency, desire and gaze. Yay!

Screened after our film was a beautiful love “ode to a former girlfriend” story told in sock puppet genre. Touching, hilarious and definitely not G-rated.

Thanks to German film fiends, Jay and Andrea, and other friends for hooking us up!

We sort of ❤ Malmö.

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