worldwide indie distribution

After a few disappointing festival rejections, Ana was thrillingly surprised to receive the offer of “focused distribution” by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center in Toronto! In Passing is now part of their queer catalogue.

CFMDC is Canada’s “foremost non-commercial distributor and resource for independently produced film.” We are feeling very pro.

I tested out my techie skills and created a hi-res version which it only took me about a week to upload to CFMDC’s ftp. I’m getting so good at Finalcut that the sequel might be edited by yours truly.

The Canadians are lovely and are already submitting our film to lotsa queer festivals. Also, interested peeps and organisations can buy or rent In Passing for money, we get a cut – and, best of all, it’s not a monogamous relationship.

After all the fun at Merlinka and Malmö, we are now starting another round of festival submissions. Submit! Fingers crossed…

Check out distribution deets here.


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