Critique of ‘In Passing’

Don’t we all like to book a trip at the ‘Unforgettable Travel’ agency?

Ana Kala did, with her first short film ‘In Passing’. We follow the main female protagonist through the streets of Belgrade, where, in turn, she follows another woman, stalking almost, this woman in black, elegantly dressed, as one might expect in Serbia. A business card is nonchalantly handled over. A love night ensues, where the camera frames lovingly and yet still distantly the intimate scenes, in what else easily could have turned into something vacuous. But we all know that any trip has a destination, if not final yet. So, at the end the main character looks out over the grey Danube at a passing ship.

Director Ana Kala leaves us with a question:

Is this the harsh light of the day, or the dawning of new trip with Unforgettable Travels?

Ruud de Bruin, Amsterdam, 30. XI. 2015

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