German premiere @Homochrom Köln 15Oct2016

Dykes on bikes? No! We’re on a train to Köln to screen In Passing at Germany’s second largest queer film festival. Homochrom!

Responding to current backlash against the queer communities, Homochromfestival founder and director, Martin Wolkner, decided to focus this year on sexuality and sexual experience.

In his own words:

“Even in Germany hostility towards homo-sexuals (and trans * people) seems to be growing again. That’s why we will not leave it at romantic movies. Instead we will have a focus on “Sexuality” and show artful filmmaking and depictions of eroticism in a confident context. We will start with a sex-affirming workshop, which invites to discover one’s sexual pleasures and phantasies by playful (non-sexual) exercises and talking about it.”

No better place for In Passing! Lesbian sex pleasure agency spontaneous desire freedom! Sweet.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Smooches from Köln xxx



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